Mahmoud Reda and the Reda Troupe


The 6-page article deals with the legend Mahmoud Reda and the creation of his world-famous Reda Troupe. In an interview with contemporary witness Dr. Mo Geddawi - Researched and written by Inci Brose.


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Eliana Hofmann

For me, jomdance is inspiration, motivation and a dance challenge! jomdance showed me new possibilities and qualities in oriental dance. Thanks to the work with Said el Amir, I have made higher demands on myself as a professional dancer. I dared to go beyond my own limits and create new paths in dance myself. For me, jomdance means seeing and living dance as an art form!

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Silvana Austria

I never thought,
that this is SO!
The day before yesterday I still had massive doubts, was desperate about my pathetic successes in exercises.
I admire the excellent didactic structure that shows me ways that I didn't even know existed ... Thanks for that!

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